10 Medieval "Build Your Empire Games" !

I am UUUGE fanboy when it comes to medieval strategy games and played a very good amount of those games, so today I choose to share my 10 favorites "Build Your Empire" games. Remember that this is more of a personal opinion and can also be viewed as an "in no particular order" list :)

10-The Settlers 7

If you're looking for a game to have fun doing simple tasks while managing a town then this is the game for you, no complicated diplomacy or city planning needed, just hope in and enjoy the game. 

9- Stronghold Crusader series

One of the games that I still play today, very simple and less serious than the games coming on the list but has one of the more fun online multiplayer mode.

8-Anno 1404

The exploration in this game is just ridiculously awesome and the main reason its on the list, put the conquistadores boots and explore and colonize different islands for different resources and establish a successful trade between your glorious colonies.


Start from nothing and build the greatest city that was or will ever exist, try to face nature itself and give your population and comfy city to work and live in. The game's graphics are just exquisite and the sounds can make you forget your life and join that of medieval peasantry.

6-Age Of Empires

The game that put me on this path and probably the father of all real-time strategy games, enjoy exploring with sheep and torching your enemies to oblivion.

5-Europa Universalis

Just like all of Paradox's games, it lacks a good combat system but has a huge diplomacy and political system to give you the feeling of a true governor. Begin your journey to recreate history using ANY nation.

4-Total War Games

The battles in these games are just AWESOME, be the ultimate general and lead thousands of men to glory and fame by combining intelligent diplomacy and a powerful army to back your words.

3-Ceasar IV.

Start from nothing and create your own version of glorious Rome, hold back the Gauls and host massive gladiator games to fulfill your people's need for entertainment (or blood ?).

2-Crusader Kings II

Yet another Paradox game here and this one is very detailed and gave soo much attention to the personal life of the ruler and h family. You can rise from the ruler of a small duchy in France to Charlemagne 2.0 either by force or clever diplomacy.

1-The Civilization series.

Undoubtedly the daddy of all these games, play with one of the many nations and starts from nothing to build the greatest empire that can stand the test of time! you can begin the game from 4000BC and end with landing on the moon! be the ultimate tech nation and get to the moon, or have exquisite cities with wonders to have tourists flooding in, or maybe convert the world to your religion either through peace of war, or just nuke everyone to oblivion, It's totally your choice but either way you will have hours of planning ahead of every move.

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