Top 10 Video Game covers Of 2015/2016

The first thing you see from a video game is the Cover, so the game publisher try their best so they can get more players.
Here are 10 of the best Video Game Covers of 2015

10_Just Cause 3
So simple, good old Rico jumping off an exploding plane with the iconic Protec Grappler G3 A.K.A Grappling hook. simple but soo iconic to the game.

9_Star Wars battlefront
Again a super simple but iconic game cover to the great franshise of Star Wars, ground is destroyed, laser shots everywhere, and giant space ships...just CLASSIC.

8_Metal Gear Solid V

A nice cover art that tells you nothing but the name, it shows Snake's face sideway with big V  A.K.A  5.

7_Rainbow Six Siege

Its almost mooving, shownig you those Counter terrorists busting the door, and what happends next is history.

6_Batman Arkham Knight

The legendary super hero with his Glide over the OP Batmobile.Its just COMPLETE.

5_Dead Island 2

Thats what the game is all about, punching the nasty dead in the head with crazy Homemade weapon.The Cover says it all out.

4_Far Cry 4

Big guns, Ammo, Slaves, Kyrats Mountains, and the main Antagonist himself in the highest point if the Cover, so coloerful and deadly in the same time.

3_Fallout 4

the same old beautifull Fallout cover, Still Awesome though

2_Dark souls II Scholar of the first sin

this is PERFECTION right there

1_Assassin's Creed Rougue

The game was awesome, and the poster was even beter, i opens a portal to the carebean.
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