Getting a budget build ? Here are the two GPUs you SHOULD get !

Gaming PCs can get a little bit expensive but there always a place to start from, and one of the most important parts you should get and surely the most expensive ! But here are the two cards you should consider getting as a start :

Amd's RX 460 4Gb.

It consumes very few power so it will most likely work with the PSU you have on your pre-built PC, depending on your CPU and RAM you can play most AAA games on high/medium with 60 fps, you can get it for 110$-120$.

Nvidia's GTX 1050Ti

Also in the "Consume less, work harder" league and any 300w+ PSU will be enough (But we recommend getting a branded and trusted PSU with 450w+), benchmarks showed that its better than the RX 460 4gb but its also more expensive for about 140$-150$.

These two are definitely to go with if you are looking to build a 400$-600$ gaming rig to start your journey into the world of 1080p gaming !!
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