Top 10 Useless but loved weapons

In most video games there are Weapons, some are powerful and others are just Useless BUT still get alot of love among the fans and remeber: you know its cool when its useless...

10_Razor Sword (Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask)

One of the best sword designs in the game and you need 100 rupes to get it BUT you can only use it 100 time...thats soo limited, after that it just goes back to Kokiri sword, and even if you didn't use a 100 time, once you rewind time to the dawn of the first day you'll loose it ANYWAY....Just anoying !!

9_The ladle (dark souls 2)

In Dark Souls 2 we have tons of powerful and deadly weapons from Ultra Greatswords to Reapiers, and we heve The Ladle, it has no superpower or hidden magic in it, just the ladle of the lady in the first hut you encounter....But Dark souls fans took it to the extreme doing full runs with it and finishing one of the hardest games ever with a kitchen tool..!!!!

8_The Great knife (Silent Hill 2)

The name it self gives you shivers, and the damage is creazy BUT you literally need to drag it behind you to move, and the swings are toooo slow, this weapon just don't belog in a game with crazy fast monster all around you.

7_Throwing knife (Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag)

You can get the throwing knife by disarming the agile guards, its awesome, a one shot kill, very usefull for silent assassinations, untill you relise you can only get one at a time, every time you throw it you need to find it back or get a new one frmo a nother enemy, WHY...!!!!!!

6_Green shell (Mario Kart)

In mario kart we had all kind of shells, Red ones were hoaming missiles, and the bleu were Nukes, but the green was the worst, just like the other super mario games, once you throw in it bounces all over the place to finally hit you right in the face....!!

5_EGG (Resedent Evil 4/5)

While fighting zombies we use lots of home tools, but our friend Leon took it a bit too far using EGGS, just as useless as you can imagine, still kind of funny thought...!!!

4_Leaf Shield (Mega Man)

Why is this even here, it literally does nothing, no damage reduction, and it goes away once you move, seriously..!!!, i thought Mega Man's gadgets were made by geniuses, i think this one was made for April's Fool or something...!!!!

3_Toy Laser Sword (Dead Rising)

The best and the bloodiest Zombie apocalypse game ever, Dead rising had alot of mass destruction and dismembering weapons, and then there is this, a glowing stick, Just not usefull at ALL...!!!!

2_BB gun (Fallout 3)

Fallout 3 was full of awesome guns, big guns, small guns, and even laser guns, but there was one last gun that you don't want to be holding when facing the wasteland, anyway the BB gun has a lot of fan due to it being you first weapon ever, and a present from you're father.And just like the ladle, Fallout 3 fans got deathclaws with this Toy..!!!

1_Excalipoor (Final Fantasy)

A giant bleu sword with a similar name to the awesom deals loow damage, i think its a joke from the developers?...who knows..!!!

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