Top 10 Upcoming Games 2016

2016 is on the doors and the mind of any true gamer, so we decided to start with something more general for our first list ever
so lets begin.
10:The Legend Of Zelda (Wii U)

Of Course, Since the first announce in 2014's E3, every one was eager to try the first open world gameplay Zelda game , it was a dream come true BUT it was delayed to 2016 , so keep that 15yold Zelda Poster ready cause its COMING

9:Mass effect Andromeda

After the Huge success of the Mase effect trilogy , Bioware is back with another game that take place after the events of the trilogy in a completly new galaxy named Andromeda.

8:Dead Island 2

Everyone loved crushing those green brain eater bastards in DEAD ISLAND so why not do it Dead Island 2 is coming and alot of US are waiting to break some more dead bones.

7:Deus ex Mankind devided

Deus ex was an awesome game with great gameplay that gave it a name in front of all the first person shooter games out there,and now it come backs with a nother game with the same old Adam Jensen and his badassness !!!

6:Mirror's Edge : Catalyst

EVERYONE knows that mirror's edge was the big deal when it came, a new name , and kind of a unique gameplay , a bit close to assassi's creed free-run , and everyone who played it was asking for MORE , and here it is , you can run through it in Feb 2016.


5:Rainbow six Siege

RS siege will put you in the body of an experienced counter terrorist that kill bad guys and save hostages , the gameplay and the reallty were extreme , and the tactics are from real counter terrorist teams of USA.Who don't want to play this !!!!??

4:Call Of Duty Black Ops III

COD black ops ruled the FPS especially with black ops II , more than 70K that plays this game online on Steam ONLY . thats a huge number,and thats what Activision is trying to break in the new game...

3:Star wars battlefront

Its good to hear that name again, star wars is an icon by itself and with next gen tech , peopel just CAN'T wait...EA is working on it and its gonna be good, at least after dlcs( LOL JK!!)

2: Dark Souls III

Man i just can't tell you how many comments i saw about people predecting a third game, and finally it came and myazaki in there with all the goods that were in Dark Souls and more from DS2,Deamon souls and even Bloodborn...its just too good to be true, at least lets hope it is.

1:Fallout 4

oooh boy...The Hype for this game is unreal...just AMAZING, all they showed was a man and a dog and stories were made from that, the wastland is back and so does the Lone wandrer..get ready to test new guns, meet new npcs, experience more skills and playing styles...I JUST LOVE BETHESDA....lets just hope for The Elder Scrolls VI.

soo...thats it for todays was heavy and i put some time into it...i hope you support me by sharing..
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